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About Scooup
What is a Scooup? We are able to offer great savings when we promise to bring lots of customers to local business, So if you like a deal purchase it, help spread the word! Does it cost anything to join? It is absolutely FREE, You only pay when you purchase a deal. When will my credit card be processed? Only if the minimum amount of people needed purchase the deal does. Can I buy a Scooup as a gift for someone else? Yes If I don't use the full value of the Scooup in one visit, can I use the remainder later? No, make sure to use the full value I just purchased an offer. Now what? After the sale ends we will email you a certificate for you to print and bring to the business to get your deal. You can see when the sale will end by visiting the offer page. If you made a purchase and the sale has ended, and you have not receive an email from Scooup with the certificate attached: Please check your Junk/SPAM email folders. It is possible your certificate is there waiting for you! Is my personal information safe? Absolutely! We don't share your personal information with anyone. So if you like the deal be sure to spread the word and tell your friends. Don’t forget to send them the refer your friend link by clicking on refer a friend. This way you will earn money every time they buy a Scooup!